Hedging My Bet

What exactly does the phrase, “hedging my bet” mean? The phrase is an idiom. It means to protect yourself against a loss or making the wrong choice. It gives one a path to keep from making a solid commitment. Here’s an example with which you will all be familiar: “Forecasters were hedging their bets about […]

One Year Anniversary

Wow. One year. One full trip around the sun. One year ago this week I left an 18+ year career in automotive sales and management to begin a new adventure. Someone asked me if I was happy with my decision. My answer? Exceedingly. Has it been smooth sailing with no bumps in the road? Nope. […]

Books of 2016

What I Read and What I Learned

It’s here! The 2016 Book List. I didn’t read as many books as I wanted this past year. For some reason I fell off the wagon sometime in August. I didn’t finish a single book during the last four months of the year. But, there are some outstanding books in this list. There is also […]

Holy Anticipation

The time is near. In a few days we will celebrate Christmas. But until then, we wait in Holy Anticipation. We’ve been waiting for weeks. Specifically, we’ve been waiting the last four Sundays. Advent. Advent is defined as “coming.” For Christians around the world, advent means Jesus, the Messiah, is coming. And while we continually […]

Humble Yourself

A Popsicle Stick Inspired This Post

The words on the popsicle stick: “For God to use me the way HE wants.”   For me to leave my safe and comfortable career in car sales took a huge leap of faith. After I was fired from my job in 2013, I thought I was beginning to listen to God. I may have […]

Social Media Friends

Or as my wife calls them, "Fake Friends"

Yes, you read that correctly. “Fake Friends” In a time now past, my wife identified my online friends as “fake friends”. Why? Why would she do this? And more importantly, to me anyway, was she correct in identifying hundreds of people I interacted with online as being “fake”? Good question. And then one day we […]

Intimate Friendship

Kinship In The Age of Social Media

I was challenged a couple of weeks ago to not discuss friendship in the abstract or generically, but to “get into the personal particulars” of true friendship. Diving deep into friendship can be tough. But let’s do it anyway. In discussing true intimate friendship, a couple of great examples come immediately to mind. The first […]