I Cried on Easter

“Death is swallowed up in victory.
O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”
– 1 Corinthians 15:54b-55

I cried on Easter Sunday. More than once.

There is no doubt Resurrection Day is a powerful day. The most important day. And it being that day probably pushed my emotions to the top. This can be expected.

The morning service prepared me for what came next. It prepared me to cry.

Hard tears.

Heavy tears.

Tears of sadness.

Tears of pure joy.

My friend’s daughter was called to Jesus Sunday morning.

While I was in church singing of the power of the cross, of the amazing resurrection, sweet and beautiful Tori was dancing with Jesus.

My own faith has been challenged and strengthened by the faith shown by Lesa and Brennan Brackbill.

Lesa and Brennan knew their beautiful Tori would someday die. They also knew that someday she would be healed.

Many people prayed for Tori. Thousands and thousands of prayers.

Prayers for peace. Prayers for good days. Prayers for miraculous healing.

Healing was guaranteed. God would heal sweet Tori. Here on earth, or in heaven.

It was a guarantee.

It is now a fact.

Sunday morning at 9:05 A.M. Eastern time, Tori met Jesus.

I could go on and on about the journey traveled by Tori and her family, but I’ll send you to her page instead. Lesa and Brennan have written so beautifully. Their words have strengthened my faith. My faith is stronger because of their example. Take the time to read and learn about Tori. Learn how she impacts thousands of people even today.

Here’s a link to the their page: The Brackbills

Pick a post. Any one. You’ll quickly understand.

Tori Brackbill

20,000 Days and Counting

Here’s a peek into the next few weeks of posts on the blog.


I’ll be writing about the ideas in the book 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith.
Specifically these 7 questions.

7 Questions Guaranteed To Create Intensity In Your Day
1. Whose life am I going to brighten today?
2. What three things am I most grateful for today?
3. What memories am I going to create today?
4. What challenge am I going to overcome today?
5. What value am I going to create today?
6. How much joy can I create for others and myself today?
7. What life changing decision(s) am I going to make today?
BONUS: What question am I not asking yet today?

If you want to read the book before I begin posting, hustle up and grab it here:

20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now

It all begins November 11, 2015!

Some Days – Prayer

“Some days all I can do is pray. Those are good days.”

– Nate Pruitt


Amen. I 100% agree with this statement from my good friend Nate Pruitt.

Many times it is in the broken of our day when we find ourselves in prayer.

Why is that?

Why don’t we spend a full day in prayer when we aren’t at our wits end? Why does it take a terrible, no good, very bad day for us to fall to our knees?

A few weeks ago I found myself in this situation. When I was finished crying out to God, when I was out of tears, I realized how much better I felt deep in my soul.

I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t want to go there, go to a deep relationship with my Savior, every single day.

Yet, I do not.

I’m not sure what it will take to resolve this issue.

Do I need to be completely and utterly broken every day? I hope not, but if that’s what it takes…

How about you? What is your experience with prayer?
Join the discussion in the comments.

All i can do is pray


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