I wasn’t going to pick a “Word for the Year” this year. Why should I? What has this practice ever accomplished in the past?

I decided to let it go. Even as a saw many of my friends and the people I follow online, pick and pronounce their selections to the world, I was drawn into it. My brain was okay with letting this yearly practice fall away. It’s good to trim every once in a while.

And then I went to church Christmas Eve morning.

While worshipping it came to me. Clear as could be.


My word for 2018.

Without any effort. Without setting aside time to be still and think and pray, God gave me a word. His word.

Love. Doesn’t everything begin and end with this one thing?

My hope is to put the example of the love of our Father in Heaven into action. God the Father sent his son, Jesus, to save me.

Jesus, the son, loved me and you so much he was willing to leave Heaven to dwell among us. And die. For us.

For me.

For you.

And when Jesus returned to sit at the right hand of the Father, he knew we would feel a loss. A gap. A hole in our heart we could not fill.

Knowing the pain we would feel without him here, he sent the Holy Spirit to be our guide.

I pray the Holy Spirit will move in me in a powerful way as I seek to live and love like Jesus.

I pray I will continue to be completely captivated by God’s grace, and compelled to love.

Be blessed my friends.