A Monumental Day

Today is a monumental day, a milestone day in the Theule house. My oldest son, Noah, is graduating from high school.

Wow. Thirteen years of education has come to a close. He’ll be moving on to college, but this really is the first step out from under mom and dad. High school is finished. College is coming. He’ll be 18 soon.

The fact that he’ll be staying home for another year makes me smile. As stressful and odd this last year has been, I’m looking forward to having him home during his first year of college. He’s going to attend Grand Rapids Community College for one year before moving on to get his Bachelor’s in Physics.

Senior Pic Noah Theule

A few weeks ago I lamented about his jar of marbles being almost empty (Marbles and Weekends), and now I take joy in the additional year of marbles he’s thrown back in the jar.

High school is finished.

He is an adult.

He is my son.

I’m proud of him.

Noah Theule is an incredible young man. He is kind. He is funny. He loves God and knows he is saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

What does his future hold? I don’t know. He doesn’t know. But I take comfort in the knowledge our God has a plan for him.

Noah Theule. Here’s to you! Congratulations on your graduation from South Christian High School. Your mom and I are proud of you. We love you.

***Irony Alert!!!! As I finished up this post, Harry Chapin came on Pandora singing “Cat’s In The Cradle”. Wow.

Noah on swing at HSP

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5 thoughts on “A Monumental Day

  1. Great post and I love his name 🙂 I believe this year will be a very bonding year between the two of you