Acquiring a Prayer Language

Conversation with God

I was (am) horrible at learning foreign languages. I tried German in high school, and Spanish in college. I passed, but I don’t know how. I think the Spanish prof in college was simply ready for me to be finished. You know, put me out of my misery.

Now I’m jumping back in! It is time to once again acquire a new language. This time though, I have a better chance of success. I have a deep down desire to learn this language to the best of my ability.

Trying to acquire a prayer language can seem as daunting to some people (or more) as acquiring a language like Spanish, or German, or Mandarin.

It takes work.

It takes consistent study.

It certainly takes a desire to master the language.

In his book, “Draw the Circle – The 40 Day Prayer Challenge,” Mark Batterson states, “Acquiring a prayer language is as arduous as learning a foreign language.” (p.224)

Wow. You know what? He’s right. For someone like me, who struggled with languages, this statement could be daunting. It could be all it takes for me to stop trying.

But I won’t.

There is a much bigger benefit to learning this language. And the God of everything wants me to learn it! He wants me to struggle through the learning and the halting conversation. He wants me to spend the necessary time to learn the words. He wants me to spend the time needed to understand the words He is speaking to me. Nothing was ever said about it being easy.

The words, “Lord, teach us to pray,” were uttered by Jesus’ own disciples. If they needed instruction in how to learn the language, we certainly do as well.

The depth of our conversation and relationship can always grow deeper and closer. I believe our desire to grow closer to God is the most important factor in mastering this language.
As I journey forward, I hope you will join me in learning this language.
Be well.


In a few weeks I’ll begin posting about some of the tools to use to learn the language of prayer and better develop the habit of prayer. I invite you to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

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7 thoughts on “Acquiring a Prayer Language

  1. I never had much success with Spanish in high school. I probably learned more from my spanish speaking coworkers earlier in my lifetime. I am having great success at learning the language of prayer, and don’t think I will ever stop learning!

  2. When you are speaking of learning a prayer language, are you speaking about praying in the Spirit, or diving into the Greek and Hebrew meanings of words in scripture, or all of the above?

    • This is more about being able to discern what God is saying to you, and being able to pray in a way that will generate a conversation between you and God. It isn’t about learning Greek and Hebrew. It also isn’t about speaking in tongues. Although I could see those things as being a benefit to a deeper conversation. And, it may be a little different for different people.
      Over the next few weeks we’ll talk more about what I mean and how to learn the language. Thanks for the question!

      • Thankyou, Rick!! I will regularly take time throughout my day to ask God what He is saying to me. Discerning His voice much needed.