Book Review: Creative in God’s Image

Creative in God’s Image: Engaging the Creative Good


What does this mean? When I first glanced at the book title, and for a few times after, I was reading it as “Created…” I know what “created” means, at least partially, but was does “creative” mean? I was pulled in by the curious title, and now I’m glad I took the time to find out what Nate means by it.


The key verses offered by Nate to support his premise are found in Genesis 1:26-27. These verses talk about us as humans being “created in God’s image.” But, I believe what Nate is saying God is CREATIVE and we are made to be like him. God had finished creating and concluded his creating with us. Human beings. People like him. We are not like the other animals. We are like God. Like God in that he is creative. If you doubt God is creative, take a moment to be still in a nature preserve. Take a few moments watching a bug. God is most certainly creative.

“God is not a wasteful Creator. You are designed with purpose. There is not one part of you that God can’t restore and repurpose for the work of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

So, God doesn’t waste, but do we? Do we always follow the path laid before us by God? No. We don’t. God has created us for a purpose, a calling, in this life. Many times we ignore the obvious calling of God, or we aren’t listening when he calls us. We choose to ignore and hide from God. This is Fear. Nate discusses this fear as well. We take this fear and use it to put what God has created for us in a box. We take the box and hide it in a closet. We choose to avoid. But we know the box is in the closet.

At some point in our lives we will remember the box. We won’t be able to ignore the box any longer. But can God redeem what we chose to ignore? Yes. He certainly can redeem and he is willing and ready.

We need to humble ourselves and willingly allow God to redeem what we have chosen to ignore.

Toward the end of the book, Nate offers these words:

“We’ll never realize how ‘good’ we can be until we give everything to God, even our fear and shame, so that something more incredible can be put in their place.”

I believe this sentence is the heart of this book. For us as humans, created to be like God, as creative beings, we need to give our everything over to him. Or as I like to think, we need to give our everything “back to him” on a daily basis.

Nate Pruitt has written a wonderful book. A few times I needed to read over passages more than once to follow his thought process, but he does make valid points. As Nate writes and publishes more, I look forward to seeing how his writing improves.

Nate has something to say. He is actively following God’s call in his life to be creative.

Let us know in the comments how you are following God’s call to be creative in your own life. What do you understand “creative” to be for you?



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Creative in God’s Image: Engaging the Creative Good

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Creative in God’s Image

  1. Great review Rick. This is definitely something I’ll have to add to the “Must Read” list. What an interesting take on Genesis. I remember my first freeing moment of telling God that I’m His and completely surrendering. Only then was I allowing myself to be “creative” in His image!

  2. I’m just getting to know Nate in the group. These are some great points. I need to read his book because not using my talents is something I think about quite often.