We all have to make decisions. Not a few. Many. Even hundreds. Each and every day we make decisions. What cereal to eat. What shirt to wear. Do I have time to shower today (please do)? Lunch: Healthy expensive or fast food cheap? Should I stop for the yellow light or floor it (this decision becomes quite interesting with an almost 16 year old at the wheel and I’m in the passenger seat)?

Most of these decisions are second nature to us. Not much thought goes into them. We’ve spent years making these same decisions every day. But, what happens when the big, huge, gigantic life changing decisions need to be made? How do we handle them? Most of us, myself included, believe we are smart enough, and have the collective experience of our years, to be able to smoothly handle these life altering decisions. College, spouse, job, house, kids, pets (dog for me please). Yes, selecting a pet can be a life altering decision. Ask your spouse. Those are the “easy” ones.

What process do you use when a spouse is diagnosed with untreatable cancer? What goes through your mind on the way home after you’ve been let go from your long time job? Are you prepared and have a process in place for these moments?

I found out recently that I have a process in place. I wasn’t fully aware that it existed, but when the time came and my life was seemingly turned upside down, there it was for me. Who knew? Not me.

The last few years I have been seeking out leaders. Mostly on the Internet. Reading their blogs. Reading their books. Occasionally attending their seminars/events. I thought I was doing these things to improve myself and how I went about my job. I was wrong. Reading the blogs and attending the events was preparing me for the big/huge/gigantic life altering moment. I lost my job. Total blindside. Out of the wild blue yonder. Never saw it coming.

Why would someone get rid of me? What did I do wrong? (We’ll tackle these some other time.)

So, what did I do in that moment? I spent about 10 minutes being angry. Another 5 minutes was absorbed feeling sorry for myself. And then I realized that I had been preparing for this moment. It wasn’t only me preparing for this moment, but also God was preparing me. Truth be told, He was doing all of the preparing. All of the tools I need to make the next big career move have been given to me over the years. I have been uniquely prepared for this moment in time.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been using these tools to help me make the big/huge/gigantic decision:

Prayer – And lots of it.
The Bible – Along with a few perfectly placed short devotionals.
Blogs – By folks like Michael Hyatt, Jon Acuff and John Maxwell.
Books – Particularly “Start” by Jon Acuff
Friends – Wow do these people come in handy.
My Wife – The perfect person to understand me.

We all have to make them every day.
What tools do you have at the ready? How are you preparing?

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One thought on “Decisions

  1. good blog entry, Rick. So true in many ways. You are going to land on your feet and move on. Prayers continue for you.