“Dreaming and walking down the road to awesome is not inherently selfish” – Jon Acuff

092213_2323_SELFISH1.jpgIs it wrong to want to publish an award-winning blog or to write a New York Times best-selling book? In a word: No. If you have been called by God to do something, it is never selfish to desire to be wildly successful at it! God has called you to a task, a mission, with a purpose for you. God wants you to be wildly successful.

Let’s make sure we are clear though. You have to desire that success for His glory. His glory alone. For many of us (myself included) this brings up the question of how to combine “wildly successful for God’s glory” with “wildly successful for my income and for my family”. It can sometimes be difficult for us to come to terms with success. Satan does some of his best work when he twists our success into pride. He also does some of his best work when he takes our success and plants rapidly growing seeds of guilt in our psyche.

I was brought up with the guidelines that I was to work hard at my job, do my best, don’t rock the boat, and collect the pay check. These things are all good. But why have these ideas become purveyors of guilt, and why have they put in us a fear of asking for something better? Is asking for a raise a selfish act if you’ve been a loyal, hard-working employee? Is it wrong to desire a job you truly enjoy?

I’m trying to walk down a road that will bring me to my personal “awesome”. Fear sometimes tells me to stop dreaming and stop walking down the road. No more. I am going to walk down the “road to awesome” with a purpose and a goal. I will walk and dream with intent. I’d like to invite you along for the walk. Join me.

What dream have you put aside because fear has told you to “do the right thing”?

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7 thoughts on “SELFISH

  1. This is great, Rick! This is exactly what I struggle with. The fine line between knowing I’m walking the path I’m supposed to and desiring to be great at it. I KNOW that God has huge things in store for me and I fully believe that he wants to bless my socks off. But I struggle with the guilt of wanting more or being strategic. I’m a born entrepreneur so I’m always being strategic but I feel like the enemy makes me think I’m being greedy when I do that. Anyways, It’s a great post and it’s got me thinking…. good job!

  2. I think we all struggle with this. We’ve been taught to not be selfish and wanting things for yourself is selfish. But seeking God’s plan for our lives is not selfish and we should strive to seek his face everyday to find that path.