Seven Questions

Seize the Essence of Today!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series of posts based on the ideas presented by Robert D. Smith in his book “20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now”.  Specifically, I’ll be writing about the seven questions he offers as a way to “seize the essence of the day” and create intensity in your day.

Here are the seven questions:
1. Whose life am I going to brighten today?
2. What three things am I most grateful for today?
3. What memories am I going to create today?
4. What challenge am I going to create today?
5. What value am I going to create today?
6. How much joy can I create for others and myself today?
7. What life-changing decision(s) am I going to make today?
BONUS!!! What question am I not asking yet today?

In his book, Robert encourages the reader to review these questions every morning. Every single morning. Look at them as brand new questions for a brand new day.

I’ll be spending more than one day to go over the questions here on the blog, but I’m beginning to look at these questions every morning. I suggest you do the same. As I present each question in a separate post, let’s have a discussion about each question and the collection as a whole.

The first question will be in a post tomorrow. Wednesday, November 11.

I look forward to learning with you and seizing each new day!


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