Taking A Break


Do you ever take a break? You know. A real break. Not the vacation insanity that most of us go through every summer and Spring Break. Those times are wonderful, especially with a young family, but I’m talking about a real break. A rest. Some may say a “sabbath”.

How should I put this? Try this: A time to get away and reflect. A time to recharge. A time to bring your focus in life back to what is most important to you.

A break/rest can be different for many people. Do you need to be cloistered in a cabin in the woods with no outside influence? Some people would be so stressed by the silence they wouldn’t rest at all. A new term I learned recently would apply to those folks. “Fear of Missing Out” or “#fomo” if you want to hashtag it for social media. If you looked at the picture I posted, you may be able to guess that my version of a break/rest is a calm, peaceful, quiet place. I would revel in the silence. I crave a place that I can quiet my mind and focus my thoughts on what is important to me. Is it necessary for me to leave my wife and kids for a few days in order to find that quiet place? I don’t think so.

We all dream of traveling somewhere to spend time away from our day to day responsibilities. But, can you find that place at home in the midst of your busy life? I believe you can. I believe I can. I just haven’t spent the time to find it yet.

Do you have a place like this? At home? Away from home?

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2 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. Hey Rick, I think this place of serenity for me isn’t a place as much as it is a time.

    Although I hate getting up early, 5AM-7AM for me is how I get away each day. Coffee in hand, reading, and praying without a care in the world.

    It starts my day off right…everyday.

    I enjoyed the read!


    P.S. I’m digging the GetNoticed Theme!

    • Larry – I’m recently learning to find that time myself. Hopefully soon the 5am alarm will be easier for me to handle.