The Start of 2016 and A HUGE Leap for Me!!

You may have noticed my absence over the last few weeks. Then again, you may not have noticed. Anyway, I’m, “Back and better than ever!!!” (Thanks Mike Greenberg.)

2016 is off to a HUGE start.

First off, I am now self-employed. Yep. You read that right. I’m working for myself.

After 18+ years in auto sales and management, I took the big step on January 4. As a few of my friends say, I’m now FUNemployed. (Add that to my tab Shaver.)

This new adventure was prompted by many things. Over the next few weeks I’ll share the process and discussion leading up to the final decision.

Today though, I’d like to share what the immediate future looks like for #TeamTheule.

I’ll be working on creating a business with three specific areas of focus.

The first area, the one that will be bringing in money first, is a Voice Over career. I’m going to begin auditioning and soliciting for work on February 1st. I’ve been working on this for a couple of months. I’m excited about the opportunity. The training I’ve received has been first class.

The second area of focus will be my writing. I’ve been looking forward to more time in my schedule to finish my first book. It’s getting close! I have a target date for publishing, but I’m keeping it hush-hush for a bit longer. The title of the book is “Looking for Joy” and will be about my journey over the last 20 years dealing with depression. I look forward to sharing my story and encouraging others in their own journey.

The blog will see a significant increase in as well. Every Wednesday will see a regular post, and there will be one or two additional posts on random days. I look forward to increasing the level of conversation we’ve had here over the last few years.

The third area I’ll be working on is a speaking career. With the help of a few outstanding friends, I’ll be developing a speaking career around multiple topics including my depression story.

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Have a great day! Keep hustling!

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