Three Hobbies

“Three hobbies? How in the world am I supposed to come up with three when I can’t even come up with one?”


Admit it. You said it too.

Well, if I take a look at the picture below, I guess I can create a wish list.

My knee jerk reaction is to say the first and third are hard, and the middle one is easy, but after about 3 seconds of thinking, I know better.

At 44 years old, finding a hobby to keep me in shape scares me to death. Sure, I can dream of being a triathlete. Swim, Bike, Run! And then I think about it. I don’t even want to start. The dream of being in shape is AWESOME! The reality…not so much.

If I began to exercise there would be numerous benefits. I know the facts and statistics. In fact, the dream of how great I’d look is frequently in my head.


Now what about the first and the third?

I know there are people “out there” who love their work so much it seems like a hobby. Sounds like fun. Is it you? At one time is was me. I hope to be that person again, soon.

As for the third, how many people do you know with a truly CREATIVE hobby? Think for a minute. Do you have a couple of people in mind? What is their creative hobby?


I know at least one person in the Gardening/Landscaping category combining all three “hobbies” very successfully. (I’d go work for him in an instant if my family would move to a certain North Eastern state.)

My question for you today: Do you have a hobby fitting one or more of these categories?
I don’t…yet. But I’m working toward it.

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8 thoughts on “Three Hobbies

  1. This year, for my birthday, I wrote down several areas where I wanted to improve and the steps needed to do so. I included different hobbies, almost laughing at the idea that I will even really work on one. Today I read this and realized that I had recorded three hobbies, each encompassing one of these areas! The money hobby (writing) will probably have to pay for the fitness hobby (competitive kayaking), and the creative hobby (scrapbooking) will end up being documentation! Great post! I feel encouraged and ready to have fun!

  2. I do…my love for the outdoors hiking and skiing combines my love for photography. I can do both in one swoop. And I have made money on photography, so I guess yeah, one activity has three outcomes. Now, I can’t survive on selling photography so I have my other “hobby” writing and coaching covering that. But love this…gets the mind thinking!