A Renewed Directon

For the past two years I’ve been searching and looking and hunting high and low.

I’ve turned over hundreds of rocks. I’ve read dozens of books. I’ve listened to podcasts, taken online courses, attended conferences, and talked to hundreds of people. I’ve prayed, cried, screamed, gone silent, and sometimes simply existed. I’ve had moments of apparent discovery, and moments of complete confusion. I’ve stalled many times.

And now…it is time to move forward.

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It is time to claim my calling and narrow my focus.

The one overriding theme from the past two years has been my desire to pour into people. The big question struggling to be answered has been, “What people?”

To speak to a general audience sounds great. Surely everyone wants to hear want I have to say. Surely God has given me a message to bring to EVERYONE.

But, I’ve always felt pulled to a specific audience.

I’m 44 years old.

I’ve been married for over 21 years.

My sons are 16 and 18.

I’ve written a few times about the huge regret I have for missing out on many things over the last couple of decades.

I’ve written about my struggle with depression.

Now is the time for me to write and speak to a more specific audience.

No more “poor me” writing. (A good friend of mine calls it “Eeyore writing”.)

Starting today my focus will be on pouring into those men behind me in life.

The men I’m longing to speak to may be married. They may have young children. They may be in their late teens and looking for whatever is “next” for them.

My intent going forward will be to pour into men who are like I was 10-25 years ago.

I will certainly use the lessons I learned.

I will certainly use my failures and successes to form my message.

But, I will not dwell on the pain and deep wounds inflicted on me. I will use the memories and stories of those events to help steer men through the maze of life.

I have a trusted team of advisers I lean on daily. They act as my personal Board of Directors. They will hold me accountable. They will help direct my personal path as I look to direct others.

They will help me develop this blog, books, devotionals, speeches, and many other avenues to share my message.

The Chairman of the Board for my life is my Heavenly Father. All of this begins and ends with him. Through daily prayer, daily reading of the Bible, and constant conversation with God, I will move forward with what he has placed on my heart.

In the next few weeks I’ll share more of the ideas I’m developing and changes I’m planning. Please stayed tuned! And please offer ideas!

I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone. Please invite your friends and family to join.

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40 thoughts on “A Renewed Directon

  1. My friend, I am wiping tears from my eyes as I read. My heart is thumping with excitement. Yes, this. This is the place you have been called to and the men whom you will impact will exceed your human expectations. Yes. I am so glad you sought wise counsel, have taken your time, have set this before the Throne of Grace. The best is yet to come.

  2. Love this post Rick, and I’m glad you’ve narrowed your focus. Men following behind need men like you to step up!

  3. Do you hear the applause and see me smiling? Yes, you have done the hard work and now you can build upon what you’ve discovered. Please do share your counsel with others as strengthening relationships can only aid the world. Looking forward to the unstoppable you!

  4. Cannot wait to see what the future hold’s for you brother. With God as leader your will lead many others through your inspiration and spirit filled words.

  5. So excited for this direction you’re taking, Rick! And so needed by our world. What you have learned is already not in vain. Applauding you!

  6. Yes!!!!!
    I am so excited!
    What is beautiful, is that even if you narrow the focus of who you are writing for, we ALL STILL CAN BE YOUR AUDIENCE AND CHEER YOU ON! The narrowing is for YOU- to give you a face, a person to write for. A way to organize your approach and focus your thoughts.

    I am so excited for you!!

  7. Rick,

    I’ve just started getting into some of your posts, and love your voice and your passion for the Word, family, and encouraging others. I can so relate to what you say and share a lot of similarities.

    I especially love this post and have been praying about similar things as I’m still finding my way and what God would have me do with my writing. Can’t wait to see where you’re headed and to start to get into more of your older posts.