Our Biggest Problem

The biggest problem. It’s huge. What could it be? What do you think it is? There are a myriad of typical answers.

Money is a popular one for many people. “If I only had more money, I’d be able to do this and this and this and that! I’d be able to make my dream of doing this thing come true!”

Time is another common answer. People are obsessed with having enough time to make their dream come true. Mostly people complain about not having enough time. Busy, busy, busy is what we hear.

Another answer is connections. People use the excuse of not having the right connections, the right relationships, to make their dream come true. “If I could become friends with so-and-so, or have coffee with that person, then I’d be able to get this idea moving.”

I don’t want to fully discount any of these three answers, because they all have at least a little validity, but ultimately none of these hold the key.

Photo credit Libby Norcross http://considerthisthought.tumblr.com/

Photo credit Libby Norcross http://considerthisthought.tumblr.com/

What is our biggest problem? What is the “big thing” holding us back from having a great life? What is holding us back from being a success? What is holding us back from fulfilling “The Dream”?

The answer is simple.

What is holding you back? What is holding me back? What is our biggest problem?

Me. You. Us.

Robert D. Smith in his book 20,000 Days and Counting, explains the problem AND the solution very well.

In his book, he explains that one idea can change everything. One very simple idea.

“Become your own problem. Yes, you read that right! This may be tough for you perfectionists, but stay with me. Start thinking, I am the problem. I am the problem. I am the problem. When you do that, you take the outside circumstances and bring the inside. Suddenly, you have power.” (p.61)

You aren’t the victim! You are the solution!

Here’s a sentence I wrote in my notes while reading the book: “If I am the problem, I have the power and control over the problem. Victims are powerless. BEING the problem is empowering!”

I’ve been stuck on this for two years. I had a victim mentality. I thought I would make a great and glorious breakthrough if only those pesky problems would resolve.

I was thinking all wrong. I’m the problem. I’m the problem. I’m the problem.

My current “Big Problem” is getting out of bed early enough in the morning to make use of a couple of hours to read, write, pray, and read the Bible. I’m struggling. I like my pillow. A lot.

And while there are many great plans and suggestions out there to help me solve this problem, deep down I know the answer. I know the answer to the problem because I am the problem.

It’s time to stop being our own biggest problem. It’s time to understand you have a very personal relationship with the problem. Who better to solve the problem than the person with the very best knowledge of the problem?

See? Simple. I am the problem.

What is your problem? What excuses are you telling yourself? What are you going to do about it?

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4 thoughts on “Our Biggest Problem

  1. Seriously. My new boss is not just my problem. She is my solution. I believe I have allowed myself to settle for what I am good at instead of pushing for what I am great at doing. My dislike and her earned distrust, along with Launch Out and a Mastermind group are going to push me to see that I am the problem. I am my own solution. I can send a “words” text, if I am not doing it myself.

  2. This is something to digest…”I am the problem” hmmm

    I recently tried to get up early and was SO tired during the day, and when I was up early couldn’t focus to do anything because I just wanted to be back in bed, that I just couldn’t see past keep doing it…it was frustrating and I let it make me feel like a loser for a while…I am trying to find what will work for me, I still don’t know what that is…

  3. Great food for thought, Rick. I’ll be posting this somewhere that I can review it over time – “I know the answer to the problem because I am the problem.” So true.