Bold Prayer

Question: Can I honestly pray, “Lord, complicate my life?”


This question comes up anytime I begin reading and studying about prayer. Eventually it always comes to opening myself up to God’s calling, and what I view as a risk or complication to my life.

Isn’t life already full of complications?

Relationships – Spouse, children, family, friends

Employment – Satisfaction with the current job, always looking at something “greener”

Money – Not enough, never enough, regret from not handling it well

Health, car trouble, church committees, school committees, and on, and on, and on.

So, why in the world would I intentionally ask God to complicate my life? Wouldn’t I be better served by asking God to make my life easier?

And there is the problem.

Did you notice the selfish words in the sentence?

So often I don’t even realize how selfish I am with my prayers.

What would my prayer life look like if I focused on truly praying for God to be served in all that I do in my life? I’m not talking about adding the typical “If it is your will” line at the end of the prayer. Those words are almost a cop-out in my book. His “will” is ALWAYS done.

I’m more thinking along the lines of these words: “Lord, complicate my life. Grant me the boldness you desire for my life. Use me to fulfill your incredible plan. Open my eyes and heart to follow through on what may seem scary for me, but is from you and for you.”

For the past few weeks, I’ve been rolling around an idea in my head. It’s an idea that scares me. It’s an idea that would require me to pray for a miracle in my life.

Can I pray for a miracle? Am I allowed to be so bold when talking to God?

(Even typing out those words scares me.)

How about you? Can you, or do you, pray for God to complicate you life?


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5 thoughts on “Bold Prayer

  1. Lately I’ve asked for forgiveness and it’s happened.

    I’ve asked for comfort and it’s happened.

    I’ve asked for perspective and a tribulation has come my way and tested me.

    If I’m selfish with my prayers then I’m tested.

    Hope that’s not confusing.

  2. My favorite post of yours yet! This place God has you, these questions you are asking are going to unfold into an extraordinary journey that is growing you. The thought of where God is calling you excites me! Thank you for writing this. You inspire me.