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For the month of November, I’m working on a project first presented by Jon Acuff. The month-long project is known as “Need To Knowvember”. You can follow along on Twitter and Facebook by searching for the hashtag #NeedToKnowvember.

Each day one person is highlighted. You may or may not already know these people, but the purpose of the post is to promote them to a wider audience and highlight some of the great projects they are working on every day.


Here are my #NeedToKnowvember people for the first 10 days of the month.

Matt Ham: Perspective To Enrich Your Life

Paul Sohn: Salt & Light – Empowering Christian Leaders Rise To The Top

Chris Theule-Vandam: Western Great Lakes Young Life

Larissa Theule: Fat & Bones Book

Mike Loomis: Launch & Grow Your Dream Project

Abbie Unger: Flight Attendant Career Connection

Kelsey Humphreys: Author-Speaker-Entrepreneur

Amy Campbell: The Red Checker and My Resume Lady

Lisa Anderson: Around The Table

Josh Collins: Experience Architect

Corie Clark: The Simplicity Project

Brandi Goff McElheny: Beauty For Ashes Uganda


These folks are dreaming and building and hustling in their lives. They are stepping out to achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals!

Do you have a big project you are working on? Share it with us in the comments.

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