Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes (Part 2)

I'm going with the Sunday School answer.

Last week I wrote about changes. (Read part 1 here: Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes)

This week I’m trying to answer a question put to me by one of you.

At the end of last week’s post, I asked you a few questions.

How do we adjust? When things are changing, what do you hold on to? Is there something in your life keeping you stabilized during changes?

One of you decided to be smart and ask ME to answer the same questions. Seems logical. I probably should have answered them in the initial post. But hey, now I get two posts from one topic! 🙂

I guess the simple answer is I hold on to my relationship with God.

And while this is true, it kind of feels like the Sunday School answer. You know what I mean. Every question in Sunday School can be answered the same way: JESUS!

(Side note. When I teach middle school Sunday School classes, I tell the kids they aren’t allowed to used this answer. It may be true, but they can come up with something better.)

As I’ve been wrestling with these questions, I keep circling back to another set of questions. Am I really holding onto God during changes in my life? Am I really giving my struggles to him? Am I really grabbing hold of him to stabilize my life?

The answer? Sometimes.



Yep. I’m a failure. I don’t always hold onto, and rely on, my relationship with God.

Good grief. What’s the matter with me? Why wouldn’t I rest all my worry and stress on the rock of my faith? Why don’t I spend time with him every single day discussing situations and life with him?

Simple answer: I’m a sinner.

I fall short. Every single day.

But, every single day I have the opportunity to restore and renew my relationship with God.

Every single day he is waiting for me. He is willing to listen, and ready to help.

So I guess I am going with the Sunday School answer.

How do I adjust? What do I hold on to? Where do I find stability during times of change?

God. Jesus. My Savior.


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4 thoughts on “Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes (Part 2)

  1. well said, Rick. We all fall short everyday and Jesus is never leaves us. Jesus is our Cornerstone!