Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

And yes, things stay the same.

Changes. Everything changes. Always.

Over the last few weeks there have been quite a few changes.

My oldest son has graduated from high school. Son number two spent a couple of days in the hospital and was separated from his appendix. In a couple of days he’ll turn 16 (huge changes for him). My wife received her official acceptance into grad school. And for me, the company I work for changed owners.

All of those changes are significant, but they also reflect stability and “sameness”.

The oldest son will continue his schooling, but it will be at the next level.

Son number two is all healed up and back to normal. He’ll turn 16 and get his driver’s license soon. Daily life will continue.

My wife will continue to be a nurse. She will also be going to grad school, but not much will change. She’ll be working during the day and studying in the evening and on the weekend.

I’ll still be performing the same duties and tasks at my day job. New logo. New shirts. Answer the phone in a different manner. But still the same.

You can do it by Kelsey Humphreys

We all go through changes. No matter what, change will happen. Stress tends to come with change. We worry about new people, new experiences, new ways of going about our daily tasks. But we adjust.

How do we adjust? When things are changing, what do you hold on to? Is there something in your life keeping you stabilized during changes?


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12 thoughts on “Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

  1. Another thoughtful post. When we have changes at work, I remind myself and others “what is our purpose here? why do we do this work?” Usually the answer is crystal clear and we find a way to meet our purpose while things change. Easier said than done, and important to go back to basics.

  2. I am dealing with MAJOR life changes as I just quit my job of 13 years. I didn’t quit for my dream job but it was a job that was draining every speck of joy from my life. I will be making less money but working less than a mile from home. I will be in a better working environment for me and I am already happier just anticipating the changes. My car is on the verge of death and I’m not sure what’s going to happen there.

    I hold on to the steadfast love of God. In the depths of the pit I’ve been in I’ve been angry at Him. I’ve doubted Him. I’ve been faithless and hopeless and sometimes an awful human being sometimes. But God. God has remained the same.

    I am also holding on to friends who have shown themselves to be TRUE friends even when I’ve been in the depths of the pit and an awful human being.

    Life will change. God never will and TRUE friends will stay by your side NO. MATTER. WHAT.

  3. Great post Rick! I’ve found that no matter how many times God has come through for me when I’ve faced a challenge or something unknown, the next one that comes up finds me forgetting about those other times. I guess I’m not too unlike disciples who came 2000 years before me who often forgot that Jesus had things under control and the power to deliver.

    Sometimes, when I’m facing changes in my family, work, or elsewhere, I’ve found it helpful to read through the gospels again and to put myself in their shoes… stormy waters, hungry people, the blind, the outcasts… Jesus was enough for all of them and continued to amaze with each new chapter.

    I think I often forget that I can’t see the whole picture. I’m not aware of God’s resources, so when I look at what I can see, I may not see an answer. But then God pulls something out of His hidden resources again and I’m reminded of the God that I put my trust in.