My Loose Pants

Something fun happened yesterday (‘yesterday’ was the 17th of March). It may seem odd to you that I call this ‘fun’, but it’s my blog so I can call it whatever I want.

Coke Cans

The fun thing? I realized my pants were too loose. My belt is also too big. This is a first for me. I’m accustomed to having the opposite problem. Pants too small? Yep. I have a familiarity with that particular issue. Pants too big?? Well this is something altogether new.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve lost more than 15 pounds.

I need new dress pants. I need new jeans. It scares me to buy them. I may wait a while longer. What if I begin going up again?

I’m not participating in a diet plan. I’m not ‘juicing’. I’m eating less. By eating smaller portions, cutting out snacks, drinking more water and generally paying attention to what I’m shoving in my mouth, I’ve been able to slowly lose some weight.

I do have someone helping me. Friends of mine who live in Florida have a passion for helping people become healthy. They helped me start down this path by introducing me to a way to change my eating habits. It is working.

15 pounds sounds good. It makes me sound successful. But I’ve only just begun. My goal is to lose another 25 pounds. I’m not setting a date. I’m not signing up for a 5K. I’m not training for a Triathlon. I’m changing my lifestyle. One small step at a time.

One year ago tomorrow, March 28, 2013, I began this journey.

It was the first day of Spring Break for my sons. We were on our way to a week of vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. For whatever reason, this day was DAY ONE.

I’m not sure as to why the journey began. Sure, I knew I needed to lose weight. But I began the journey on the 1st day of a VACATION! Who does that? Most of us use a vacation as a way to excuse ourselves from eating healthy. We drop the idea of trying to “diet”. No salads on vacation. I did something different this time. I stopped drinking pop (or, soda for those of you not living in the Midwest).

How much pop did I typically drink in a day? Did you see the picture at the top of this post? Depending on the day, I might down one can, or two, or quite a bit more. I had a Coke addiction. I used to joke with co-workers about it as I made my way to the machine. Unfortunately, it was an addiction. How bad could it be you say? Bad. Real bad.

Even now, one year later, I would love to have an ice-cold Coke. In a glass with ice. In an ice-cold can. If I’m thirsty and I see an ad for Coke on a billboard, or on TV, I want one. Even as I type these words my mouth is watering and my desire for the sweet delicious liquid is heightened. One year later. Amazing.

No pop on a trip was the start of my weight loss journey. What began as a game in my head to see how long I could hold-out has turned into a lifestyle change. A good one. (Full disclosure: Every so often I have been known to drink a little root beer, and Sprite has shown up too. But, no cola. Not one.)

I’ve also been cutting WAY back on my consumption of fast food. I’m not perfect on this one. I love a Wendy’s hamburger for lunch on Thursday or Friday. Strangely, it never satisfies me. A couple of hours later I’m hungry again. This is where I would have gone for the Coke in the past. Now I need to figure out a different solution. Coffee and water have been the solution for me. Water, water, water and more water. It is amazing to me how this simple liquid can satisfy many of my hunger and thirst needs.

I’ll write more about my journey to a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure it won’t be a frequent topic, but the whole loose pants issue was begging to be written.

In the comments below, I’d love to know your answers to the following questions. Join the conversation!
What small changes have you made to improve your life? What changes could you make?

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22 thoughts on “My Loose Pants

  1. Congrats and well done Rick! We gave up Pop a while back, except for Sprite when we’re sick and I really miss it once in a while… but Tea has helped me all well, plus it makes me feel fancy.

    But really, LOVE your thoughts on life change here, slow and steady, change what matters over trying something unsustainable.

    • Yep. Slow and steady. No point in rushing toward something I won’t be able to sustain. Thanks for joining the conversation!

  2. This is so encouraging to me. Congratulations on keeping going with those small steps. Small steps seem doable. You have inspired me to take a small step, too. No more fast food. Bring food to work, instead. Doable. Thanks for sharing your journey

    • Thank you! I’m still working on these small steps, but not having too high of expectations has helped me quite a bit.

  3. First of all..AWESOME JOB! It takes hard work to make life changes like this. Second… I’ve been cutting back on sugar.. and my pants are looser… There are two Lacoste shirts I cannot fit into yet… they run small and my belly runs a little big. 🙂 That and just being healthy for my family are my motivations! Keep it up!!! Loved the post.

    • Bob – Thanks for joing the conversation. It’ll be interesting to see how my spring and summer wardrobe fit…if it ever warms up.

    • Dropping the pop was the first small step. I didn’t see any weight loss right away, but I’m sure kicking the habit stopped me from gaining.

  4. Way to go, Rick!! I’m jealous. I stopped drinking soda 2 years ago and never noticed a difference. :/ I guess my problems lie in other areas, like maybe portion size or sugar levels. *sigh*

    • Emily – I didn’t notice any difference either. I really didn’t begin losing the weight until November. I was disappointed that I didn’t begin losing weight shortly after shaking my addiction. In November I began taking a closer look at portion size and the quality of the food I was eating. I’ve pretty much cut out snacking too.

  5. well done rick! all those “small decisions” create something greater! you’re doing awesome and keeping it real and making it real and attainable for others! and as you get “smaller” your world gets bigger – your opportunities larger! “hang in there” (like your pants!)

  6. 6 years ago I started working a second job and my workout routine completely stopped. I have the reverse problem where I shrink up when I don’t work out. I always hear people say they would love to have my problem, but I don’t see them looking like the Extra Terrestrial when they eat too much food. Skinny top and arms with a mini pot belly. Just a couple months ago I started doing pushups. Getting back in it!

  7. I actually accidentally quit drinking pop. I stopped drinking it for a while and then when I had one it tasted awful to me. I tried later when I was sick to have a Sprite but it tasted yucky too. I do like Italian Sodas from the coffee shop so it’s not the carbonation – just the pop. I don’t know – it makes my stomach churn thinking about it. As far as small changes – I started walking on my breaks at work. I haven’t noticed any huge differences but I feel a little better doing it. I need to do better with the food. I drink a lot of water but then find myself running to the bathroom all the time. :-/

  8. That’s a great “problem” to have :)!! I’ve been going through the same thing. It’s great but at the same time, I wonder if I will “fall off” again. One thing I’ve done now is that as clothes get to big, I give them away immediately. I don’t have a big budget to keep buying clothes, so avoiding the need to go back to buying bigger clothes is incentive for me to at least not gain. 🙂

    My change has been to fit in more activity. I have my standard “planned” workouts (running, pilates, or Zumba), but to add to that, I also fit in at least one 15 minute walk in a day during the work week, and then I park further away at the store, so I can get a little more walking in. I have found that it helps me want to continue to be active to fit those little activities in. 🙂

    Congrats on your loss!! And thank you for sharing. 🙂 Such an encouragement. 🙂

  9. DR. Pepper is just so GOOD…and it is SO soda! soda is the stuff in the can and pop is the sound the can makes 🙂 good job Rick, the more stories I hear of successful soda numbing I move a LITTLE closer to letting go

  10. This is a huge step Rick! I just quit soda again a week ago and know for me, it has to be forever. I know it will give me success in other areas of eating if I stick with it. Diet Dr. Pepper – best taste in the world!