Nice Guys Always Win

Many of you know my Day Job is in sales. For almost 18 years I’ve been in retail car sales. 80% of you just reached for your mouse to exit this post. Please don’t. I promise it’ll be okay.

For MOST of those 18 years, I’ve loved my job. There is one primary reason.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people sort through their options and make the best decision for their situation.

Easy, right? In fact it is!


The hard part of sales is learning the product. Once you know the product, the selling is easy. And really, you’re not even selling. You’re consulting and advising. You’re sharing the information about the product so the customer can make the best decision.

A couple of weeks ago I helped out a few people with some simple questions. They were definitely in the market to purchase vehicles, but they weren’t quite ready to do it while talking with me.

A few days later, one gentleman came back to the store. In the days between visits he had been to a couple of other dealerships. Before even telling me he wanted to purchase a vehicle, he made sure to tell me why he came back to purchase from me.

His reason had nothing to do with price. It had nothing to do with availability. (I didn’t even have the vehicle in stock he wanted.)

He came back because I took the time to answer his questions. I didn’t pressure him to make a decision. I didn’t try to talk him into a different vehicle.

His final words to me when he left (after placing an order for the exact vehicle he wants), “Nice guys always win.”

I 100% agree with him.

Whether I sell a person a vehicle or not, being nice is the only way to go about my business.

I know there are salesmen who spend their entire day trying to use all the “tricks of the trade” to talk people into purchasing their particular product. I also know I get to go home each night with a clear conscience.

Do I want to sell more vehicles? Yes. Without a doubt.

Do I want more money in my bank account? You bet.

But never at the cost of selling the right way.

Everyone reading this is in sales. Yep. Everyone.

No matter your job. You are in sales. You are in customer service. You interact with other people every day.

Make sure you remember: Nice guys do ALWAYS win.

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20 thoughts on “Nice Guys Always Win

  1. Absolutely, one of the qualities I admire most about you!! When we truly invest in relationship, we have a “client” or “customer” for life. I’m not in it only for a paycheck; I’m in it because I BELIEVE in my clients/customers and desire nothing more than to see their passions and talents produce much fruit. Great post, Rick!

  2. It’s nice to see a car salesman with integrity. I know they’re out there but they are few and far between. Usually you leave the lot with 3 or 4 of them attached to your car either trying to shove a business card through a closed widow or trying to put a for sale sticker on your own vehicle. If I were in the market, I would want you to sell me a car.

  3. I have a background in commission sales/customer service and I am always fascinated at how those principals apply to my ministry gig. Some people would call it blasphemy but I am built with a certain skill set and I bring those skills to whatever I do.
    Thats well written and helps me think through some situations I am facing.

  4. Right on Rick! A good salesperson always pulls and never pushes, asks questions to help get the answers the customer needs, gives that customer the best information available and isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know but let’s find out”.

    • Jim, the words “I don’t know but let’s find out” need to be used much more often by all people. Most people understand that it’s impossible to know everything, or that you may have forgotten something. Be honest and straightforward with people. Life is much more enjoyable for everyone that way.

    • Aurora, that is exactly the way all transactions should end. Both parties win! It shouldn’t be a one or the other situation. Thanks for reading and engaging in the conversation.

  5. I always make sure my high school male students know that nice guys do in fact always win.

    They might finish last with the ladies from 15-25…but they get the win in the long run. The best ladies night date a jerk but they don’t want to marry him!