I know, I know. Yesterday I told you I would be writing every day for 31 straight days, but I wouldn’t be posting to the blog every day. Well, here we are on Day 2 and I’m posting again.

But this is important.

This is baseball.

Tigers cap with ball

Tonight the Detroit Tigers, MY Detroit Tigers, will begin play against the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Division Series (ALDS). The series is a best of 5. The first two games are in Baltimore, tonight and tomorrow afternoon. The 3rd game will be at Comerica Park in Detroit Sunday afternoon.

If all goes perfectly, which it seldom does, the Tigers will wrap up the ALDS with a win Sunday afternoon.

By now you’re probably wondering what this particular post has to do with my stated intent to Refresh/Encourage/Inspire. I’ll make it easy. Click this link below to the Official MLB site for the Kansas City Royals and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Check out the amazing stories of the long-suffering fans, and the stories of the coaches and players in the dugout during the American League Wildcard game played this past Tuesday. The Royals came back from a deficit to push the game to extra innings. And then, in the bottom of the 12th inning, down by one run, they came back again to win the game. This was the 1st Royals playoff game and playoff win since 1985.

I guarantee you the fans, players, coaches, owners, and employees of the Royals, are Refreshed/Encouraged/Inspired.

Link: Kansas City Royals – MLB 

What has Refreshed/Encouraged/Inspired you this week?


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One thought on “PLAYOFFS!!!!!

  1. My husband is the sports junky in the family. I usually tune in for our home (St. Louis) teams’ games off and on throughout the season and then really jump on board if we make the post season. (Cardinal baseball and Blues hockey, but not much on football.) At any rate, there’s enough sports related conversation in my life to make me whole heartedly concur there’s much in the way of inspiration in that realm of life.

    Sorry your Tigers didn’t get further (I was born in Michigan, so do have a little bit of team spirit there as well), but I must say I’m really hoping for another I-70 series between the Royals and the Cards.