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Falling Deception Pass, WA


A few weeks ago I posted about being STUCK. I experienced a release of words. The words had been accumulating in my mind for weeks. I spit them out.

Now what?

Keep going? You bet.

One lesson I learned through the brief period of no words is the need to continue. Writing begets writing. A body in motion stays in motion. So I continue to write. The writing does not need to be brilliant (even if I want it to be). My words need to leave my head. Create, create, create. Keep moving and exercising the brain muscle.

I read quite a few blogs published by professional writers. They blog on a variety of topics, but one thing they have in common is they post on “how” to write. They are very generous with the supposed secrets of their craft. There really aren’t any secrets. Most of the information shared by them has been shared with them at one time or another. Now I’m going to lean on them, use them, learn from them, and write. Sooner or later my writing will improve. My writing “voice” will be refined. My message will come into focus. Jon, Jeff, Andy, Michele,…………..thank you!

What am I writing about?

I’m glad you asked.

You name it. I’ll write about it. For me, right now, the topic doesn’t necessarily matter so much as the actual practice of writing. A few topics rolling around in my head, and scribbled in way too many places (yes, I need to learn to use one system) include Baseball, Communion (The Lord’s Supper), Masculinity, Selling, Family, Community, Depression (specifically as it relates to men), etc.

There are plenty of topics available to me. Now is the time for me to be bold, create something, and hit the pesky “Publish” button.

As I post more often, I’d love for you to participate. Leave comments. Ask questions. Help me define my message and find my voice. Go back through my small collection of posts and ask me questions about what I’ve written. Please.

As I sit here writing this morning, I’m also have a text conversation with one of you. I’ve been given one more great prompt for writing. “Who” As in, “Who am I writing for?” What a great question!

So there you have it friends.

Thanks so much for your continual encouragement.

Thank you for your honest opinions.

I’m excited for the #Next3Decades!

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8 thoughts on “Something, something, about something

  1. hi rick, i’m really enjoying connecting with you on fb and reading your blog. because its your blog 🙂 i’d love to read about family – how you dream and be a dad, how you dream and be a husband, getting your family involved in the dream type thing 🙂 and masculinity – but thats because it relates to a talk i’m giving in may about the world’s perception of beauty (male and female) so i’m going to start canvassing opinions and research 🙂 you’re a great connector, conversationalist and dreamer!

  2. Just keep writing Rick! Get the words out of your head. I know if I didn’t write I would go crazy with all the stuff in my head (well, crazier!) 😉 Write for you. Write what you need to write because you can’t not write it. Those who need to read it will find it.