Things I Learned While Sick for A Week

I’ve been absent from my blog, and for the most part from social media, for the last week or so. What began as “Hey, I think I have a cold,” turned into “Wow! I’m really sick!”


Here are a few things I learned during a week of staying in bed, moving to the couch, and returning to the bed.

  1. I hate being sick.
  2. Staying home for a week sounds wonderful, but it really isn’t when you’re sick.
  3. Daytime TV is horrible.
  4. I can’t concentrate on a book when I’m sick.
  5. Writing is difficult because of the lack of concentration thing.
  6. It really does pay to have blog posts completed and scheduled for a week or two in advance. (I failed miserably.)
  7. Showering is overrated.
  8. Shaving is too.
  9. When you think you’re better, you’re probably not.
  10. Taking one extra day off work to completely heal isn’t going to kill you. Not healing completely might.

Now, as a new week begins, I’m ready to jump in again with both feet! Time to move forward on the BHAG!

Q: What happens to your hustle when you get sick?

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14 thoughts on “Things I Learned While Sick for A Week

  1. I’m one of those people who never allows for being sick. Might sound odd for a woman who lives with a disability but I don’t have time to be sick! Then, when my body decides to remind me that I’m human I only acquiesce when I absolutely can’t function anymore. I agree with your entire list!

  2. Hey Rick,
    I’m currently fighting a flue and I feel the same!
    What I learned is that I need a content calendar like Edit Flow for WordPress. It saves me, because I also have a hard time to concentrate.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll love to have systems like a content schedule in place. The business can’t stand still just because you’re sick.

    Stay well,

  3. Honestly, my answer is different now than it would have been before my last rumble with cancer (I think “rumble” paints a livelier picture than “battle”, don’t you?!). Prior to that, I worked 80-90 hour weeks no matter WHAT…illness be damned (I just told my clients in advance so that they could cancel if they chose…especially if I had bodywork & yoga therapy planned with them).

    Now I realize (wait…I REALIZED it before…but I INTERNALIZED it post-cancer) that illness is my body’s way of telling me “Hey, knucklehead…you need a break!” Your body may choose a completely different insult, but the idea’s the same. 😉 So I unapologetically re-schedule appointments (‘cuz I didn’t ASK to be sick!) and give myself the best self-care I can. But I don’t shower or shave either, so I’m with you on that. LOL

  4. When I get sick or even stop thinking about my hustle for a single day, the old doubts come knocking at my door. I beat them back everyday by priming myself and directing my first few thoughts toward my goals. The world is ours.Glad you’re feeling better Rick.

    • Yep. The more we work on the hustle, and the better prepared we are for the inevitable ‘issues’ the better we are at keeping those old doubts from surfacing.