Why I Write

I am called to refresh others.
I am called to speak words of encouragement and inspiration into the lives of people.

Photo courtesy of Julie Beth Theule

Photo courtesy of Julie Beth Theule

This is why I write. I have been called to write the words of my heart and share them with you.

Do I have a great and glorious revelation to share with you? No. I have words given to me over the course of the 43 years of my life. Words of my story I wish to share with you. Words are bursting out of me. Every day.

My story is no different from your own. We all experience joy, sorrow, triumph, defeat, success and failure. I am called to share my stories with you so you too can better understand this life you live. My words may inspire you to greatness. My words may bring you to deep despair. Either way, I’m going to share them with you. If my words move you to greatness, HALLELUJAH! If my words bring you deep despair, I pray God will meet you in that despair and restore you to HALLELUJAH!

The written word and the spoken word are powerful.

I’m not writing out of a selfish need for validation. (At least I shouldn’t be.) I’m writing so I may share what has been given to me.

I’ve been called to share the words I’ve been given. I wrote the quote below in my journal a few months ago. I didn’t make a note of the source, so I cannot give proper credit, but I love these words and I need to share them with you.

“It’s not God’s plan for us to collect seed. God’s plan is for us to plant the seed.
Do something with what you have.” – unknown

I’ve been collecting words like seed. Now it is time for planting.

I am being called to write and speak. May my words be seeds. May they find rich soil. May they grow and have life in you. May they produce a harvest filled with overflowing HALLELUJAH!!

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7 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. “Do something with what you have” YES. That. What a great quote. We all have seeds that we have collected and can plant, so they can grow and be shared. Glad you’re sharing your words with us.

  2. Beautiful post. I have asked that question to myself many times over and I also posted it on my blogsite , but the way you’ve expressed yourself is amazing . That’s why I write. Awesome. Hat’s off!