My Virtual Mentors

The Internet and Social Media give me the ability to learn at the feet of great mentors.

Most of the time they don’t even know they are mentoring me. There are some exceptions to this, like when after following and reading material from someone for many months, or even years, you begin interacting with them via social media, or you talk in person on the phone or at a conference.


Here are mine….Who are yours?

Jon Acuff

Mark Batterson

Michele Cushatt

Jeff Goins

Michael Hyatt

Andy Stanley

Ally Vesterfelt


These are mentors I look to while on my current path from my Day Job to my Dream Job. Will these ever change? I’m 100% certain of it.

As my goals in life change, my mentors will change. Some mentors are long-term, and some short-term. Will I ever outgrow the incredible leadership wisdom offered by Andy Stanley? Probably not. But, I may transition to a different leadership mentor, or add one.

Jeff Goins, Ally Vesterfelt, and Jon Acuff are key mentors for my current growth as a writer.

Ally in particular has had a huge impact on me as a beginner or new writer. Her short book, “Writing to Find Yourself” (available through her writing course) has really pushed me to speak my mind, and to use my own words to express my thoughts and ideas.

Jeff’s writing, through his blog and books, helps me understand I need to continually work on the craft of writing.

Jon has been pivotal in pushing me to understand I don’t need to stay where I am as far as a career. Jon is so open about his career. He continues to share the guts and details of his changing life as a writer, entrepreneur, husband and dad. I think the only way I could learn more from Jon is if he let me live with him (pretty sure Jenny will say no to that idea).

Michele Cushatt is the epitome of courage and empathy to me. Even before her current battle with cancer, she showed to me through her writing what it means to be authentic and caring for the people around you. Whether those people are family members or blog followers like me, she shows a true understanding of the emotion of people.

Michael Hyatt has been a leadership guru for a number of years, and now he is vital to my growth in the area of setting and attaining goals in my career. I learn at least one thing from Michael every time I read or listen to him.

Finally, Mark Batterson has forever altered my prayer life. Over the last couple of years he has pushed me to pray boldly. He has shown me the truth of how big my God really is. Mark’s books, The Circle Maker, and The 40 Day Prayer Challenge, are life changing. I will continue to read them and use the principles he teaches through them, to expand and grow a rich prayer life.

I could go on forever writing about how these people impact my life. But, this is a blog, not a book. I encourage you to click on the links I provided for each of these folks. Follow them on Social Media. Subscribe to their blogs and websites. Use their materials (each of these people offer a HUGE LOAD of FREE materials).

Most importantly, find your own mentors. Find people who “speak your language”. Search out people currently in the space you hope to be someday. Learn from them. Find out who they learn from. And, share with your followers the great information you learn.

Who are your current mentors? Share with us in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “My Virtual Mentors

  1. Andy Andrews

    Robert D. Smith

    Jeff Goins

    Jon Acuff

    Tom Rath

    Rory Vaden

    Ellory Wells

    Paul Sohn

    Jared Easley

    I have more. These are off the top of my head.

    Thanks for this awesome post!

  2. Great list.. there are so many that I follow and learn from. The greats you listed as well as many many others .. Paul Sohn, Matt Ham, Jody Burkeen are a few that inspire me reguarly beyond your list. There are others that inspire me as well.. so many of the D&B, 30 day members provide so much mentoring silently if they only knew the impact they have on not only my writing, but me as a person too.

  3. Great list, Rick!! Those are some of my mentors as well!! I’m thankful for friends like you who continue to encourage me! It’s good to hear your words, and more importantly, your voice. Keep it up!! <3

  4. Great post! Yes, my virtual mentors have changed over the years but a few stays with me like Richard Branson, Dan Miller and Chris Guillebeau. Right now I’ve added John Lee Dumas, Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden, Chris Ducker and Natalie Sisson. It all depends on what I want and need to learn. And yes, Jon Acuff of course who is the reason why I’m even here commenting on your blog 🙂

  5. I follow John C. Maxwell
    Bill Diffenderffer
    Bruce Lee
    Jen Moff
    Ronei Hardin
    John Wooden
    Bob Harper
    Dani Johnson
    just to name a few. Great post Rick!!